Why You Need a Wedding Video!


  1. Wedding photos are great but not the Whole story.

  2. How else will film your Uncle Dave's dance moves.

  3. You can re-watch your special day over and over and over and......

  4. We are able to catch thoughts special moments.

  5. your wedding day happens so fast.

  6. iphone video quality has come a long way, but it doesn't come anywhere close to a professionally produced film.

  7. its a great document of a period in your life. 

  8. people who couldn't attend can your wedding can watch see what they missed.

  9. your future children / grand children can watch your wedding and laugh at your hairstyles.

  10. you can replace watching the same old films over christmas with one where you are the leading roles!


Comments from Brides around the web:

"We barely even considered hiring a videographer and were confident in the decision not to have one. But after the wedding, I really wished we'd had one. We really underestimated how much we would want to relive the day and see things we missed. Our photos are wonderful but video still captures something photos don't." - Rachel (theknot.com)

"I had my wedding last month, and I regret not getting a videographer. I thought pictures would be enough and most people don't watch their videos anyway, but your wedding goes by so fast and you miss a lot of things. Plus, I feel like I was in a blissful daze for a lot of it and would love to have the important things captured in video. Pictures just don't capture everything." - Jdench (theknot.com)